Welcome to Build and Listen

The Build and Listen audio shop in the Netherlands. We are building loudspeakers and renovating Lenco's and Thorens turntables. In addition, we sell amplifiers and streaming solutions from a limited number of brands. The brands we have chosen are niche brands for which marketing is not the primary expenditure. These brands invest primarily in good audio products.

Our renovated Lenco L75 turntable.                                                       Thorens TD160 with the original tonearm                                              

IMG_6034.jpeg   IMG_5745.jpeg 

Seas CNO Grand and Scan Speak Ekta Grand           Wavecor and Monacor Against all Odds         

IMG_7130.jpeg.    IMG_6755.jpeg 

Morelline mk2 (transmission line)                               Scan Speak Discovery 861

IMG_6749.jpeg.   Discovery 861


Lejonklou  Boazu                                                                                       Spec RSA M99

IMG_7104.jpeg   SPEC RSA-M99   


Sonnet Audio Morpheus                                                                          PS Audio DirectStream DAC MK2

Sonnet Audio Morpheus.  PS Audio DirectStream DAC MK2 Front

Headphone amplifier

Ferrum Oor Preamplifier and headphone amplifier                             


Phono amplifiers

Lejonklou Gaio 2 Phono preamplifier

A dedicated MM phono stage.